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The benefits of jade combs to encourage hair growth!

The benefits of jade combs to encourage hair growth!
Everyone wants strong, healthy, thicker hair. Recently people have flocked to jade combs to promote thicker hair, but how does a jade comb help? 

Research shows that scalp massages help improve hair growth. Using a jade comb, such as a JADE Gua Sha Comb by Skin Artisan, enables you to achieve a simple, luxurious scalp massage to increase blood circulation and stimulate follicles, thus helping hair to grow healthier and thicker. Great news - scalp massages are for more than just stress relief! In the rest of this post, I will discuss the benefits of jade combs to promote luxurious hair. 

How Scalp Massages Increase Hair Growth

Scalp massages help improve hair loss by stimulating the follicles below your scalp. When you massage your scalp, you are stretching the cells, which in turn stimulates thicker hair. It also is said that the blood vessels below the skin reignite hair growth. In recent years beauty innovators have designed jade combs to help you give yourself an excellent scalp massage. Using a tool such as a jade comb instead of your fingers makes the task easier and more satisfying.

How a Jade Comb Works

Many jade combs have thicker teeth than regular combs to help you target pressure points on your scalp while you use it. A jade comb will be heavier than an average comb. This weight difference is intentional. The extra weight helps you apply more pressure to your scalp, which helps to stimulate the follicles further and increases your relaxation. Using either end, run the comb directly onto your scalp. You will want to comb all directions across your scalp to get the best results. Then gently pull the comb through your hair from the scalp to the ends. You can even use this comb in the shower while working conditioner into your hair. 

What is Gua Sha?

Gua Sha is an ancient Chinese medicine practice. This practice focuses on ridding the body of inflammation to promote circulation by using a smooth-edged tool. While Gua Sha was originally for other parts of the body, the scrapping art of Gua Sha can also help your scalp. Many jade combs use the art of Gua Sha massages to target the muscles in your scalp and promote better blood circulation. 

Health Benefits of Jade for Hair

Jade was once considered the stone of dreams. While your wildest dreams may not come true, the comb can help you achieve your hair dreams! Jade is known for healing properties that cleanse and unblocks energy. In addition, it is a stone with high frequency, which helps to stimulate better blood flow. 

Final Thoughts

Incorporating a jade comb into your self-care routine is necessary for anyone on a journey toward thicker, healthier hair. Your hair will benefit from luxurious jade combs while you give yourself a soothing scalp massage that relaxes and allows the blood to circulate better to promote growth. Use the comb by itself, or add your favorite oil to further the refreshing rejuvenation.

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