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A step-by-step order of a good skincare routine!

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Each component of your skincare routine plays a vital role in moisturizing, cleaning, and rejuvenating your face.
This guide will detail the correct order to apply skincare, from toners to serums, medicated products, cleansers, masks, oils, and moisturizers. Read on to learn why this order is important:
  • Cleansers
  • Masks 
  • Medications
  • Toners
  • Serums
  • Eye Creams
  • Moisturizers 

Skin Artisan

1. Cleansers
One of the essential parts of your skincare routine is the cleanser. You can’t expect to have healthy skin if you don’t regularly clean off the dirt and bacteria. 
This is the obvious first step because it wouldn’t make sense to put on expensive creams and serums only to wash them off minutes later. 
The first step in cleansing is removing the dirt, oils, and makeup from your skin. Use a cleansing oil for this step. Once you’ve done so, move on to a cleanser that’s a bit stronger and targeted towards acne (something with a light salicylic acid). 

Skin Artisan
2. Masks
Face masks such as clay pore masks and sheet masks need to go on clean skin. That’s why the cleansing step always comes first. After you apply and remove a mask, you’ll also want to cleanse your skin with water gently so it’s ready for the next steps.

Skin Artisan
3. Medications
This step won’t apply to everyone. However, if your dermatologist has you using a topical medication for blemishes, eczema, or another condition, you should use it directly after cleansing and before moving on to the toner.
It’s important not to wait to use these products after putting on creams and serums, as they likely won’t work as effectively. 

4. Toners
Toners aren’t necessary for basic skincare, but they can help give your skin a tightened appearance. These liquids and sprays are refreshers that you should apply to clean skin only. 
The best time for a toner is directly following a cleanse (and any topical skin medication). Further, the toner step should come before applying any heavier products, such as anti-aging creams, serums, or moisturizers. 

5. Serums 
The following skincare step is to apply any serums you usually use. Serums are not moisturizers, so they come before the moisturization step. However, you only need a couple of drops of these water- and oil-based products. 
They add a little boost to your skincare routine, working to hydrate your face. Serums often add Vitamin C to your skin, too, which provides healthy antioxidants to promote youthfulness. 

Skin Artisan
6. Eye Creams
Not everyone uses eye creams, but it should be the next to last step of your skincare routine if you do. These collagen-boosting products freshen up your delicate skin and make it appear youthful. 

7. Moisturizers
Last but not least, apply a quality, oil-free moisturizer to your whole face (being careful around your eyes and mouth). Moisturizing is essential, even for oily skin, keeping your skin from drying out and overproducing oil.

Skin Artisan

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